Cement Mixers

Discover our range of cement mixers online and in-store at Diamond Way! We offer a selection of high-quality petrol and electric cement mixers from trusted brands like Easymix, Philco, Brickstorm, and Belle. Our cement mixers are designed to meet the demands of any construction project, providing reliable and efficient mixing.

Brands we Stock:

  • Easymix
  • Philco
  • Brickstorm
  • Belle

Choose Diamond Way for durable and efficient cement mixers that ensure superior performance and productivity for all your construction needs.

Category FAQS

How to Mix Cement in a Mixer?

Mixing cement in a mixer is a straightforward process that can significantly speed up your construction or DIY project. Here's a unique yet informative guide based on the top search results:

  1. Prepare Your Materials: Before starting, ensure you have all necessary materials—cement, sand, gravel, and water. The ratio of these materials may vary depending on your project's requirements.
  2. Measure and Add Dry Ingredients: Start by measuring the cement, sand, and gravel, and pour them into the mixer. It's crucial to use the correct proportions to achieve the desired concrete strength.
  3. Add Water Gradually: Turn on the mixer and slowly add water. The amount of water is critical as it affects the concrete's consistency and strength. It's better to start with less water and add more as needed to achieve a workable mix.
  4. Mix Thoroughly: Allow the mixer to run until the concrete reaches a uniform consistency. Regularly check the mix and avoid over-mixing, which can affect the concrete's strength.
  5. Test the Consistency: Before using the concrete, test its consistency. It should be thick but workable, not too dry or overly wet. Adjust with more water or dry mix if necessary.
  6. Use or Store the Mix: Once the concrete is ready, use it for your project immediately to prevent it from hardening. If you have excess, store it properly for future use.

Remember, safety first! Always wear protective gear when mixing concrete, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific cement mix and mixer model."