Demolition Blades

450.00 450.0 AUD

Discover our extensive range of demolition blades (demo blades) online and in-store at Diamond Way! Ideal for cutting hard reinforced concrete, asphalt, green concrete, pavers, besser blocks, split face, and more. We offer a variety of high-performance demo blades from top brands like Diamond Way, Clipper, Ox Tools, and Klingspor.

Our demolition and roadsaw blades are perfect for a wide range of cutting applications, including:

  • Hard reinforced concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Green concrete
  • Pavers
  • Besser blocks
  • Split face blocks

Note: Select blades are optimized for specific materials to ensure the best performance for each application, information within product pages will identify specific uses for each blade.

Choose Diamond Way for durable and reliable demolition blades that deliver superior performance for all your concrete and asphalt cutting needs."