Mortar Saws

For professionals in masonry, Diamond Way Australia presents a specialised selection of mortar saws that deliver efficiency and precision

Our Range:

  • Arbortech AS200X: A leader in its class, the Arbortech AS200X stands out for its durability and precision in cutting through mortar with ease.
  • Mortar Saw: With a solid search volume, it’s clear that our range of mortar saws are trusted tools for both seasoned professionals and those new to the trade.
  • Mortar Saw Blade: Essential for any masonry work, our high-quality mortar saw blades are designed to deliver clean, precise cuts time after time.

Equip yourself with Diamond Way’s mortar saws to ensure your work stands the test of time and accuracy. 

Category FAQS:

What can the versatile AS200X blades do that other tools cannot?

The versatile AS200X blades can perform cuts that other tools cannot. They are capable of cutting deep and square, tuckpointing, removing a single brick, toothing out for extensions, and cutting aged masonry.