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Category FAQS

How to use a brick jointer?

A brick jointer is a finishing tool designed to smoothen the mortar joints between bricks. Follow these steps to effectively use a brick jointer:

Step 1: Guide and Smooth

  • Guide the back of the tool along the mortar joint between the bricks.
  • Use the curved portion of the tool to smooth out the mortar joint.

Step 2: Work Your Way Down

  • Start at the top of the wall and work downward.
  • This prevents falling dust and debris from affecting the freshly-jointed work.

Step 3: Don’t Cut Corners

  • Take extra care when reaching corners to ensure the mortar joins up neatly and the regular curvature is maintained.

Step 4: Avoid Vertical Over Horizontal Joints

  • Do not use the jointing tool to create a straight joint vertically across horizontal joints.

Step 5: Joint Internal Angles Alternately

  • Form internal angle joints alternately from the left and right across the vertical joint.
  • Alternate the direction as you progress down the wall to ensure the longevity of the mortar in that region.

Step 6: Check Each Line is Level

  • Ensure each line of bricks is level during construction using a spirit level. This ensures the joints are even.

Step 7: Vertical Joints First

  • Joint vertical joints first, also known as end joints, head joints, cross joints, or perpendicular joints.

Step 8: Horizontal Joints Second

  • Joint horizontal joints second, also known as bed joints.

Step 9: Remove Excess Mortar

  • Cut off excess mortar with a trowel to prevent it from drying on the wall's surface.

Step 10: Brush Brickwork

  • After jointing, brush the brickwork with a soft brush or broom to remove rough edges or any bits of mortar on the wall"

What jointers and ironers do you stock?

  • Poly Jointers: Technique Solutions Long Red and Short Red Poly Jointers
  • Barrel Jointers: Marshalltown Barrel Jointer Set and individual sizes
  • Plexiglass Jointers: Ox Clear Plexiglass Jointers
  • Roll Jointers: BT Roll Jointers
  • Spoon Jointers: Marshalltown and BT Spoon Jointers
  • Dutch Jointers: OX and BT Dutch Jointers
  • Brick Jointers: BT Brick Jointers
  • Z Ironers: BT Brick Z Ironers
  • Acrylic Jointers: Marshalltown Acrylic Jointers