Cup Wheels

Discover our range of cup wheels online and in-store at Diamond Way! We offer premium grinding discs from top brands like Syntec and Clipper.  Our cup wheels are ideal for dry grinding concrete, hard stone, epoxy, glues, paint, and more. At Diamond Way we stock Double Row, Gold Thrifty, Arrow Segment, Medium-Hard Grit, Epoxy, 

and Slant Cup Grinding Discs. 


  • Available sizes include 4"", 5"", and 7"" to suit various grinding needs dependant on wheel type. 

Choose Diamond Way for high-quality cup wheels that ensure excellent performance and durability in your grinding applications."

Category FAQS:

How long does a diamond cup wheel last for? 

The longevity of a diamond grinding wheel can vary significantly based on various external factors, such as the frequency of use, the amount of pressure applied during sharpening, and whether the tools are frequently reshaped. Therefore, it's challenging to assign a definitive lifespan to these wheels. However, it is observed that many professionals can use diamond grinding wheels in their workshops for over a year without noticeable deterioration. Compared to cubic boron nitride (CBN) wheels, diamond wheels tend to have a longer lifespan due to diamond's superior hardness and resistance to wear.

The way you maintain your diamond grinding wheel also plays a critical role in its durability. It is advised to use water during the sharpening process, as this can extend the wheel's life. When using water for sharpening, incorporating an anti-corrosion concentrate can help prevent rust formation on the wheel.