Brick Saws

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Explore our range of bricksaws online and in-store at Diamond Way! We offer petrol bricksaws and electric bricksaws from the trusted brand BT. Find reliable and efficient cutting solutions for your projects!

Category FAQS

How to Use a Brick Saw?

Using a brick saw involves several steps to ensure efficient and safe cutting of materials like brick, stone, or concrete:

  1. Marking: First, determine the size and shape of the cut you need and mark the cutting line on the brick using a permanent marker or a carpenter's pencil.
  2. Setting Up: Place the brick on the saw table, aligning it with the diamond blade. Ensure the brick is secure and won't move during cutting.
  3. Water Cooling: Turn on the water source to initiate wet cutting. This will cool the blade and reduce dust.
  4. Cutting: Power on the machine and gently guide the brick through the blade or vice versa, depending on the saw type. Do not apply excessive pressure; let the blade do the work.
  5. Finishing: After the cut is complete, turn off the machine and water source, then remove the cut pieces carefully.

How Does a Brick Saw Work? 

A brick saw, equipped with a diamond blade, doesn't cut through materials in the traditional sense. Instead, it grinds through them. The blade contains synthetic diamond particles that scratch and grind through the brick or stone. As the blade wears down, a new layer of sharp diamonds is exposed, allowing continuous cutting. Water is often used to cool the blade and reduce dust during this process.

Wet Cutting vs. Dry Cutting with a Brick Saw

  • Wet Cutting: Preferred for its efficiency and safety. Water cools the blade, extends its life, and reduces dust. Most brick saws are equipped with a water system for this purpose.
  • Dry Cutting: Requires a blade designed for dry cutting and protective gear to prevent inhalation of silica dust. It's less preferred due to the dust produced and the need for frequent cooling breaks.

Additional Tips:

  • By Hand: For smaller or more precise tasks, bricks can be cut by hand using a chisel and hammer, requiring scoring and careful breaking.
  • Machine Use: When using a bricksaw, ensure the blade depth is adequate and be mindful of the blade's thickness, which can affect the final size of the cut.

Understanding these differences and operational techniques can help you choose the right tool and method for your specific construction or DIY project.