Pointing & Grouting

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Category FAQS

 How do I prepare my pointing and grouting gun for use?

  • Trigger Release: Start by pressing the trigger-release lever and pulling the plunger arm back until the plunger exits the tube.
  • Tube Removal and Nozzle Attachment: Detach the tube from the frame and affix the required nozzle, ensuring it fits securely. Trim the nozzle to the correct size if needed.
  • Filling the Tube: Load the tube with the material you intend to use.
  • Tube Insertion: Reinsert the filled tube into the applicator frame, nozzle first.
  • Plunger Alignment: Line up the tube end with the plunger. Holding the trigger-release lever, advance the plunger into the tube.
  • Trigger Engagement: Release the trigger-release lever and squeeze the trigger until the plunger contacts the material inside the tube.

How do I use the gun for pointing and grouting tasks?

  • Nozzle Alignment: Position the nozzle against the area you wish to fill.
  • Material Application: Squeeze the trigger to exert pressure on the material inside the barrel, pushing it out through the nozzle.
  • Flow Stoppage: To halt the material flow, press the trigger release lever after applying the necessary amount of mortar.
  • Material Movement: For brickwork, ensure the material flows smoothly from the nozzle without requiring excessive pressure. Use a brick jointer to smooth and refine the mortar lines.
  • Excess Removal: After application, use a soft brush to clean away any surplus mortar.

Are there any specific tips for ensuring effective use of the pointing and grouting gun?

  • Ensure the nozzle size is appropriate for the task to facilitate smooth material flow.
  • Maintain consistent pressure on the trigger for even application.
  • Regularly clean the gun to prevent clogging and ensure longevity."