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Category FAQS

What is the difference between a Philadelphia Trowel and a London Trowel?

London Trowel:

  • Overview: Designed for precise brickwork with a narrow blade profile that allows for better control.   
    • Blade Profile: Narrow, which makes it ideal for detailed brickwork.
    • Heel: Rounded, allowing mortar to be carried farther forward on the blade.
    • Usage: Excellent for brickwork where precision and control are essential.
    • Patterns: Available in narrow or wide patterns to suit different preferences and tasks.
    • Mortar Carry: The design helps carry mortar farther forward, facilitating smooth application on bricks.

Philadelphia Trowel:

  • Overview: Best suited for laying larger building materials, with a wide blade profile that can hold more mortar.
    • Blade Profile: Wide, designed to hold more mortar, making it easier to work with larger materials.
    • Usage: Ideal for projects involving larger building materials like block and stone, which require more mortar.
    • Mortar Capacity: The wide blade profile holds more mortar, accommodating the needs of larger materials.
    • Efficiency: Designed to make the process of laying larger materials quicker and more efficient by providing a greater mortar capacity per scoop

What is a Pointing Trowel?

Pointing Trowel:

  • Overview: A smaller version of the brick trowel designed for detailed work.
    • Size: Smaller than a standard brick trowel, making it ideal for precise tasks.
    • Usage: Perfect for filling in small cavities and repairing crumbling mortar joints.
    • Function: Allows for precise application of mortar in tight spaces and detailed repair work.

What is a Gauging Trowel?

Gauging Trowel:

  • Overview: A versatile, round-nosed trowel used for mixing and applying mortar.
    • Shape: Round-nosed, making it suitable for various tasks.
    • Usage: Ideal for mixing mortar and applying small amounts in confined areas.
    • Function: Commonly used to replace crumbled mortar and to patch concrete.