Brick Bolsters

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Category FAQS

How to use a brick bolster? (for bricks and blocks)  

  1. Measure and Mark:
    • Measure and mark a line across the brick or block where you want to cut.
    • Continue the line around all faces of the brick or block.

    2. Prepare the Cutting Surface:

    • Place the brick or block on a bed of sand to absorb vibrations from hammer strikes.

    3. Position the Bolster:

    • Position the cutting edge of the bolster directly over the line on the face of the brick/block.
    • Ensure the bolster is flush with the edge and upright.

     4. Make Initial Cuts:​

    • Strike the head of the bolster with a hammer (use a club or small lump hammer).
    • Start with gentle strikes and increase force if needed.
    • Cut a few millimeters deep (deeper for blocks) along the marked line.
    • Work around all four faces to complete the line.

     5. Break the Brick/Block:

    • Lay the block with one of the widest faces up.
    • Position the bolster in the center of the cut line and strike.
    • If it doesn't break, move slightly left and right of the center and strike again.
    • Ensure the bolster is slightly angled away from the waste section.

    6. Tidy the Cut:

    • Hold the cut block firmly.
    • Position the bolster at the top of the cut face and gently strike the hammer down the cut face to smooth it off."