Liquid Lime Replacement

Gibco's Liquid Lime Replacement stands out as a top-tier, chloride-free additive for masonry, transforming standard cement into exceptional mortars ideal for various masonry tasks. It outperforms traditional cement-lime mixtures in both workability and durability, as demonstrated by extensive lab testing. 

These assessments include:

  • Evaluating air content
  • Testing for water retention
  • Checking setting times
  • Measuring compressive strength
  • Analyzing resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Inspecting for sulfate resistance
  • Examining drying shrinkage
  • Conducting autoclave expansion tests
  • Gauging flexural bond strength

The plasticizing qualities of Gibco's not only make it an effective alternative to lime, clays, and similar additives but also offer substantial cost savings — 5 litres of Gibco can replace up to 900kg of lime. It's suited for use with blocks, bricks, or stone, handling the job at hand with ease.

Properties of GIBCOS:

Plastic Properties:

  • Extends the workability time and board life
  • Achieves a consistent, gel-like texture
  • Improves workability and ease of application
  • Increases adhesion strength
  • Reduces water requirements

Hardened Properties:

  • Provides resilience against freeze/thaw cycles
  • Boosts the durability of the flexural bond
  • Enhances impermeability protection
  • Assures even color finish
  • Results in higher MPA (Megapascals) ratings

Compliance of GIBCOS:

  • Gibco's has met all compliance benchmarks, including:
  • Durability (AS 3700, Appendix E)
  • Bleeding characteristics (AS 1012.6)
  • Flexural bond strength (AS 3700, Appendix D6)
  • Compressive strength (AS 1012.8.3, 9)

When used as directed, Gibco is a lime substitute that adheres to Australian Standards for Bleed test, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, and Durability in M2, M3, M4 Mortar categories.


Mix 40ml of Gibco's per 20kg of cement for optimal results.