Dampcourse 300mm x 30m x 500um

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    Concealed flashing and damp-proof solution tailored for the utmost protection against moisture migration in various applications. Designed to deliver an impervious barrier against rising moisture, this product is a must-have for every construction professional aiming for a robust and long-lasting build.

    Key Features:

    1. Dual-purpose Functionality: Ideal for preventing moisture from rising through concrete slabs, internal walls, and more. Also serves as an excellent flashing for windows and doors.
    2. Embossed Polyethylene Construction: Features a unique embossed polyethylene sheet, offering enhanced durability and resilience against moisture and external conditions. With a base thickness of 0.5mm, it ensures optimal protection without adding bulk.
    3. Compliance with Australian Standards: Proudly adheres to the stringent requirements set by Australian Standards AS 2904-1986, guaranteeing product reliability and trustworthiness.


    • Concrete slabs
    • Internal walls
    • Window and door flashings
    • Any area where moisture migration needs to be deterred


    • Extends the life of structures by preventing moisture-induced deterioration.
    • Reduces potential risks associated with mould and mildew.
    • Offers easy installation with its flexible and adaptable design.