BT Raker - Long Handle Poly Wheels
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Brand: BT Engineering

BT Raker - Poly Wheel Long Handle

Introducing the BT Raker with Long Handle and Poly Wheels, the ideal tool for raking and smoothing concrete surfaces with ease and precision. It is also available with a short handle and steel only version.

Key Features:

  • Long Handle Design: The extended handle provides superior leverage and reach, making it easier to maneuver and reducing strain on the user.
  • Polyurethane Wheels: The poly wheels offer smooth and effortless movement across concrete surfaces, enhancing control and accuracy.
  • Concrete Nail Attachment: Includes a concrete nail held securely in place by a high tensile bolt, ensuring it remains firmly fixed during use.
  • Zinc Plated Finish: The zinc plating offers excellent corrosion resistance, extending the life of the tool and maintaining its performance over time.


  • Length: 300mm
  • Width: 80mm

Additional Options:

  • Short Handle Version: For those who prefer a more compact tool, a short handle version is also available.
  • Steel Only Version: For users who prefer traditional materials, a steel-only version is offered.

Proudly Australian Made