Quikpoint Turbo Auger

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Brand: Quikpoint

Quickpoint Turbo Auger (New)

Introducing the Brand New Turbo Auger (part #700T), now available and worth the wait! We've made a significant upgrade with these Turbo Augers, offering 100% improvement over our previous models. The new design is more durable, ensuring a longer lifespan, and effectively handles any standard masonry mix.

The #700T Turbo Auger simplifies your work by eliminating the need for the #502 Blade Coupling, #503 Tip Blade Set, and #504 U-Blade. Simply pop it into your unit, and you're all set.

  • From now on, the #700T Turbo Auger will come standard with every new model #3000 Quikpoint Drill-Mate and #3600 Quikpoint Mortar Gun with Built-in Drill. The previously required tip blade set is no longer necessary thanks to the new Turbo Auger. The Spiral Tip is fused to the auger, agitating any mortar inside the steel nozzle to prevent clogging.
  • The new #700T Turbo Auger is compatible with our older models: #2064, #2064-B, and #1964.
  • Our previous part #700 Auger Replacement and #700-set will still be available for the foreseeable future.